A conversation with Kifah and Raed

Travel2Palestine were honoured to host a talk with Kifah Radaidah and Raed Debiy; two young, talented politicians from Labour’s sister party, Fateh. This gave us a chance to ask them about their projects in the West Bank, creating a better future for their communities and their country.

Kifah Radaidah and Raed Debiy speaking with Martin Linton from Travel2Palestine

The conversation included topics such as:

  • The forthcoming Palestinian elections
  • Achieving higher representation of women and young people in democracy
  • The challenges facing Palestinians in their long struggle for self-determination
  • The latest work in building resilience on the ground
Kifah Radaidah and Raed Debiy

We hope you enjoy the content. If you would like to support the projects that Kifah and Raed please contact us and we will put you in touch with them directly.

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