How did a dog lead us to the 100 Club?

How did a dog lead to a gig in the 100 Club?
How did a dog lead to a gig in the 100 Club?

Elizabeth Dudley was walking to work one morning when a bull terrier bit her leg. She had to be taken to hospital and have stitches. She rejected the doctor’s advice to rest for a week because she was coming on a Labour2Palestine delegation to the West Bank two days later and was determined not to miss it. On her return the dog’s owner explained that he was also the owner of the 100 Club and would she like a free hire to make amends? Elizabeth donated the free let to Labour2Palestine and we have secured a fantastic line-up of artists and bands (Reem Kelani, Bruno Heinen 4tet & Raast) who have agreed to perform either free or at cost because they support the work of Labour2Palestine organising fact-finding visits to Palestine and educational visits for Palestinians to the UK.

Help us to make sure that all these generous gestures turn into financial support for the work we do. All you have to do is buy a ticket and enjoy yourself. And:

• Share the event with friends who might be interested.
• If you haven’t already, buy tickets and bring a friend.
• Join the event on Facebook
• Even if you can’t come, buy a ticket. Go on. They’re only £10. And all the money will go to helping our work.

It will be a fantastic night. Lots of people are coming who have been on visits, who are going on visits, who love Reem Kelani’s singing, who are members of the Palestinian community in the UK. It starts early – at 6.30pm. Please come early; there’s time for networking, fantastic music, food, dancing. Don’t miss out.

Book your tickets now!

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