We were speechless, dumbfounded, as we listened to their story

Sheila Kelly from Lancaster visited Jerusalem and the West Bank with Travel2Palestine in January 2018


Join us on our next visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank

Next delegation: October 23rd–28th Our next delegation to Palestine is planned for Monday October 23rd 2017 to Saturday October 28th. It's in the Autumn school half-term so teachers can join us on this visit, but of course it's open to everyone. The visit will include: A refugee camp and UN-run school inside the camp, speaking directly …

A visit in tweets

This week a group of fifteen Labour Party members, led by Alan Whitehead MP, visited Palestine and Israel to see the situation for themselves. Here is a taster of what they saw, did and learnt. .@alanwhiteheadmp listening to the @ICAHDinfo speaker as he highlights the separation of Jerusalem from WB #lab2pal pic.twitter.com/1mShiFOXqj— Labour 2 Palestine …