About Travel2Palestine

The best  – possibly the only  – way to grasp what is happening in occupied Palestine is to go there and meet the people, see the checkpoints, the wall, the refugee camps and the settlements.

Travel is not possible at the moment, due to COVID, but we are planning tours in the Autumn, 2021. Read more about tours.

Right now, all of our thoughts are of Palestinians and Israelis facing the current escalation of violence, and we believe that this cycle of violence and injustice will continue until the international community takes firm action to help deliver a political solution and demands basic human and political rights for all.

Our latest posts

Our mission is to educate and inform on the situation in Palestine and Israel, specifically on the impact on human rights. We focus mainly on occupied Palestine, but also look at human rights of Palestinians living within Israel.

We do this through tours, online briefings and through our articles and blogs. You can find a selection below and on our news page.

Why visit Palestine?

Travel2Palestine organises trips to Israel and Palestine, focusing on Jerusalem and the West Bank. Our aim is to help educate, inform and engage on the situation in Palestine and Israel.

This is not just a humanitarian crisis that can be solved by providing volunteers and international aid.  It’s a political problem that can only be solved when people understand what needs to be done.

Most of our tours are available for everyone, but we also organise funded tours for political groups and politicians, on request. Contact us if you would like to organise a tour for your group.

Want to know more of our tips on visiting Palestine? Read more on our frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

The most common questions we are asked are:
Is it safe to visit Palestine?
Will I get questioned at the airport?
And, for the traveller in their last stage of planning their tour:
What should I (not) pack?

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