From Leamington Spa to Palestine: a day by day account

When you hear news of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – what do you think is going on? Is it:-

  • Yet another war against Gaza?
  • Jewish settlers taking over traditional Arab lands
  • Palestinians living their whole lives in refugee camps?

These were my perceptions of the conflict and beyond that; I knew nothing of the reality.

So, when I was casually having coffee with Ann and Sarah, and later Alan; the possibility of responding to an invitation from Labour2Palestine to visit Palestine came up, and we all said “Yes”. None of us realised what we would see or learn, but we were excited at the prospect.

Read Journey to Palestine, January 2015

The Leamington Spa group who visited with us in January have produced a detailed account of what they saw and found in Palestine. If you are thinking about travelling to Palestine this gives you a great flavour. Thanks to Jane for allowing us  to share this.

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