Participation form

This form is to be filled in before your tour, but after your visit has been confirmed. Please fill in this form AFTER your booking form.

EG Ms/Mrs/Mr/Mx/Dr/Cllr

Security and emergency information

Preferably mobile number or choice of numbers
EG mother/daughter/friend/father etc
Please tick all that apply

Health and diet

We can then further discuss adaptations needed.

Getting ready for the visit!

This is so we can make sure we do as much as possible on the visit to meet your needs and wishes
This is so that you can contact each other, and get to know each other before the visit
Please open in a new tab or browser to read

Welcome to our website - update on travel

We are now resuming travel to Palestine and Israel, with our first tour scheduled to take part in May. If you wish to hear about our planned trips, receive invites to our online events, or hear about the latest developments, then please sign up.

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