Richard Green Fund application

This is an application to apply for a funded place to travel to Palestine and Israel with Travel2Palestine on a group visit. To apply you must be a Labour party member between 18-30 years old. You must be prepared to sign up to Labour’s code of conduct and to live those values of inclusion. You must also sign up to our terms and conditions, which place obligations on you and us.

Richard Green receiving a plate in Palestine
Richard Green in Hebron, 2013
Richard Green travelled with Travel2Palestine in 2013.
The visit had a huge impact on him, and he had a huge impact on us! He believed that the best way to effect change was through educating, training and broadening the horizons of everyone involved in the political process, both in Palestine and here in the UK. So we are really pleased to be working with Richard’s family and friends to set up a fund in his name.
This fund will enable young people involved in Labour politics to learn first hand about the situation, providing a lasting living legacy to our much missed friend and colleague.
Richard’s family have chosen to support Travel2Palestine as one way of remembering Richard, as this was a group he had loads of enthusiasm for.
Through Travel2Palestine, Richard’s family and friends are going to part-fund one politically active young person annually for an educational trip to Palestine.

Fill in the application form

To be considered for one of two funded places to visit Palestine in 2019 with Travel2Palestine fill in the form below. Please give as much detail as possible. This will be followed up with a skype selection interview, on Sunday 12 May or Sunday 19 May (other dates may be possible if you are unavailable) where the final two delegates will be selected.

Your details

EG Ms/Mx/Mr/Cllr/Dr
You must be aged between 18-30 years old to apply

About you

This is where you can demonstrate why you should be selected
Please tell us about any roles you've held either in the Labour Party or in related organisations
If you fail to disclose information it could result in you being disqualified from the Richard Green programme


We need to know that the person who gets this opportunity of this delegation will be willing to undertake preparation activities before the visit, and share their experiences when home
This could be university committees or unions, Labour constituencies, trade union branches or community groups. You will receive support for your presentation skills and reaching out to groups
Please provide further thoughts on what groups you would seek to make presentations, and/or any further steps you would take to share what you learnt on the visit

Traveller details

If you are successful in your application we will need you to fill in a more detailed participant form with your passport details, dietary and any health requirements


We will need details of two people in a position of authority who will provide a reference for you. They could be a teacher, lecturer, Labour Party official, officer or MP. You should not be related to them.

Your agreements with us

Welcome to our website - update on travel

Travel to Palestine and Israel is still severely restricted. In the meantime, we are hosting virtual events with our partners in Palestine and Israel. If you want to be the first to hear the news when we resume our tours, receive invites to our online events, or hear about the latest developments, then please sign up.

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