Travel lightly, think deeply

Today a group of delegates have begun their journey with us to Israel and Palestine. This will be a journey that will challenge and inform them. There will be times of joy, but sadly times of sorrow too. As this is a political visit

There is a good deal of preparation before delegates touch-down because we aim to make sure that our visits are not only positive experiences for us, but for the Palestinians and Israelis who we meet and visit too.

Here is the Palestinian code of conduct to help you make your trip a successful one.

In particular, it advises travellers before they go to:

1. Choose an inclusive and balanced itinerary that allows you to visit and stay in different places.
2. Educate yourself by reading guidebooks, travel accounts and articles about current news and events.
3. Establish contact with Palestinians to get up-to-date information about the current situation, safety, local history, culture and customs.
4. Approach travelling with a desire to learn rather than just observe. Leave prejudices behind.

And there’s lots more advice about while you are there, from visiting sites to booking hotels, to dress and shopping.

Read the Palestinian code of conduct




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