Travel2Palestine tours & COVID-19

At Travel2Palestine we are committed to keeping visitors and our team safe, informed and supported.

Above all we want you to have an interesting and enjoyable time spent with us. 

Your group organisers are really looking forward to sharing your visit to Palestine/Israel with you. However, the well-being of our guests and those we visit is always our first priority.


At the moment, during this period of coronavirus covid19 pandemic, visits to Israel and Palestine remain impossible. This is due to travel restrictions from the UK, Israel and the Palestinian Authorities.

Vaccines are now well under way in Israel and the UK but delayed in the West Bank and Gaza (Medical Aid for Palestinians have written a very good briefing about this). The progress of those – and vaccines where you are travelling from – are likely to impact on the timing of our next visits.

We will continue to accept bookings for future visits so when this advice changes we are ready to get back to Palestine and Israel!

Supporting our partners online

In the meantime, we are continuing to host online events, meeting with our partners in Palestine virtually! We had an excellent session with the UN OCHA, followed by a meeting with young politicians. If you’d like to join the next one please sign up to our mailing list to receive an invite.

Our decision as to whether or not to proceed with visits will depend on fulfilling two conditions:

1.     If the FCO advice is that it is safe to visit:
You can follow Foreign Office advice here:

2.     If the West Bank and Israel are open again to international visitors:
You can read specific information on the coronavirus is here:

A safe booking with us

If we have to cancel you will of course be refunded all money you have paid to Travel2Palestine. You will need to talk direct to airlines to arrange refund or moving your flight dates.

If you decide to cancel because you decide in your personal circumstances it is not advisable to travel, then contact us and we can rebook your visit to an alternative date with no additional cost.

Stay safe and well, avoid unnecessary contact, observe the 2 metre rule and wash your hands!

Welcome to our website - update on travel

Travel to Palestine and Israel is still severely restricted. In the meantime, we are hosting virtual events with our partners in Palestine and Israel. If you want to be the first to hear the news when we resume our tours, receive invites to our online events, or hear about the latest developments, then please sign up.

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