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Come and see for yourself

We increase understanding about the situation for Palestinians by organising visits. A not-for-profit company, we provide high value visits for political party members and those involved in politics.

Travel2Palestine have taken more than 450 people to see the occupation and conflict for themselves. We can organise visits for Labour, Conservative,Liberal Democrat, trade unions or other political groups. We also organise regular visits that individuals can sign up for.

women in church of holy nativity

Our visits are small, normally around 8-9 but never more than 16. They are run by experts, people with years of experience of working on this important issue.


Phillip Hollobone and group

It is essential to see both sides of this conflict to even begin to properly understand it. And if you visit the OPT you really need to do so with the Palestinian side to get to areas and people you would never see if you went with the Israeli side. Philip Hollobone MP

Jerusalem old city image


Travel2Palestine organises trips to Israel, Jerusalem and the West Bank. Our aim is to help educate, inform and engage on the situation in Israel and Palestine.


A very powerful experience. Completely exhausting, absolutely devastating, but incredible as a way of gaining knowledge and essential for understanding this part of the world today.
Amy McDonnell

Visiting Palestine and seeing the impact of the occupation on Palestinian life is the best way to motivate you as a political party member – whether you are a political party officer, a local Councillor, a student, or an MP – to dedicate some of your political energies into helping to pressure the international community to helping to resolve this ongoing tragedy.

  • Guided visits to Jerusalem & the West Bank
  • See life under Occupation
  • Hear from Palestinians and Israelis
  • Great experience at a low cost


I think Labour2Palestine is the perfect way for Labour Party members to make a visit, as the trips are well planned out, include a broad selection of meetings, visits and briefings and you are supported by a team of great people with experience and knowledge.
Cat Smith MP

Visits include:

  • witnessing first hand the situation in places such as East Jerusalem, Hebron and Bethlehem
  • briefings from experts such as the UN and NGOs (non-government organisations)
  • meetings and tours with Israeli and Palestinian politicians and grass roots activists
  • a chance to see some of the important religious and historical sites

Please contact Martin on about your visit.

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