Join us on our next visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank

Next delegation: October 23rd–28th Our next delegation to Palestine is planned for Monday October 23rd 2017 to Saturday October 28th. It’s in the Autumn school half-term so teachers can join us on this visit, but of course it’s open to everyone. The visit will include: A refugee camp and UN-run school inside the camp, speaking directly […]
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Who we are and what we do

We are a not-for-profit company called Travel2Palestine Ltd.  We organise visits to Jerusalem and the West Bank for people who would like to see Palestine for themselves and find out more about the Israel-Palestine conflict. We have organised these visits since 2011 because we are passionate about people finding out for themselves about the situation. They […]
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Dumb-founded by a visit to Israel

Since I returned from a nine-day group tour to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, the photos of the fantastic trip have been pored over with family and friends, the souvenirs dished out and memories of fascinating historical and cultural artefacts have continued to brighten up my days. But not all memories of the trip […]
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Extracts from July 2017 House of Commons debate on Israel-Palestine

Minister drops recognition pledge Dr Matthew Offord (Hendon) (Con): Does the Minister agree that any recognition of a Palestinian state before direct peace talks between the two states, Israel and Palestine, would not only be counterproductive but would damage a long-term two-state solution? Alistair Burt: It is not the UK Government’s intention to recognise a […]
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A visit in tweets

This week a group of fifteen Labour Party members, led by Alan Whitehead MP, visited Palestine and Israel to see the situation for themselves. Here is a taster of what they saw, did and learnt. .@alanwhiteheadmp listening to the @ICAHDinfo speaker as he highlights the separation of Jerusalem from WB #lab2pal — Labour 2 […]
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Join our visits in September and November

Travel2Palestine is a not-for-profit company. We organise group visits on a low cost basis. Would you like to visit Jerusalem and the West Bank to find out the facts for yourself? We have visits for you to join in mid September and  early November. Our mission is to give people involved in politics the opportunity […]
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From Leamington Spa to Palestine: a day by day account

When you hear news of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – what do you think is going on? Is it:- Yet another war against Gaza? Jewish settlers taking over traditional Arab lands Palestinians living their whole lives in refugee camps? These were my perceptions of the conflict and beyond that; I knew nothing of the reality. So, […]
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Palestinian scholar Raed Debiy tours the UK

Travel2Palestine were proud to support Raed Debiy who visited the UK as the 2nd Sha’ath scholar from Palestine – here to learn about politics in the UK and teach about the situation in Palestine.

Travel2Palestine – a little bit about us

For the visit of a lifetime and the start of a journey

Proud to support Open Bethlehem

Travel2Palestine are delighted to be working in association with Leila Sansour to promote her new film, Open Bethlehem. Shot over five years the film captures the city of Bethlehem as it has never been seen before. This is an emotional journey of one woman’s fight for her hometown. “One of the most remarkable and moving […]
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