We were speechless, dumbfounded, as we listened to their story

Sheila Kelly from Lancaster visited Jerusalem and the West Bank with Travel2Palestine in January 2018


Join us on our next visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank

Next delegation: October 23rd–28th Our next delegation to Palestine is planned for Monday October 23rd 2017 to Saturday October 28th. It's in the Autumn school half-term so teachers can join us on this visit, but of course it's open to everyone. The visit will include: A refugee camp and UN-run school inside the camp, speaking directly …

Palestinian scholar Raed Debiy tours the UK

Palestine is still occupied, lest we forget it, Murad Qureshi

Murad Qureshi at wall

A guest post by Murad Qureshi AM  While we condemn the forced annexation of Crimea by Putin, we should not forget the crippling chronic annexation of Palestine by Israel illustrated by the settlements in the West Bank and their menacing presence in the daily lives of Palestinians. Several stark reminders of this reality were apparent …