A Conversation with Military Court Watch

Thank you for joining us for the meeting with Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch. It was an incredibly insightful meeting. Here is the video of the webinair.

A fascinating discussion with the founders of Military Court Watch about the fate of Palestinian children and teenagers subjected to Israel’s military law, and the wider implications for international law.

Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch
Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch

Salwa Duaibis and Gerard Horton from Military Court Watch joined us for a conversation about human rights, accountability and the rule of law in occupied Palestine. They talked to us about their work supporting children caught up in Israel’s discriminatory legal system.

About Military Court Watch

Military Court Watch (MCW) was established in 2013 and is guided by two basic principles. First, all children detained by the Israeli military authorities are entitled to all the rights and protections guaranteed under international law. Secondly, that there can be no legal justification for treating Palestinian and Israeli children differently under Israel’s military and civilian legal systems. In pursuit of these principles MCW monitors, litigates, advocates and educates in the region and beyond.

MCW is a registered non-profit organisation founded by a small group of lawyers and other professionals with a belief in the rule of law. Our concept is to focus on one issue and pursue one set of recommendations. If and when these recommendations are implemented, MCW will dissolve.

It is easy to feel powerless, but equally it is easy to act to help bring justice. Just one of the ways you can do so is by supporting the work of MCW and other partners we work with in the West Bank. We will be asking people to make a donation towards the work of MCW during the session. If you can’t don’t worry, but do think about other ways you can contribute.

Visit MCW website:


See the latest figures on deaths and injuries from the UN:


Read Travel2Palestine’s statement:

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