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We are so delighted that you’ve chosen to explore Palestine and Israel with us.

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A tour for a young person (aged 18-30) is £690.00. The deposit is £100 per person.
A tour for a young person (aged 18-30) with a single supplement is £780.00. The deposit is £100 per person.
A tour for a person aged 30 years upward is £780 on the basis of a shared room. The deposit is £100 per person.
A tour is £870 including a single supplement. The deposit is £100.
The Palestinian citizens tour of Israel is an additional £50 per person. There is no additional deposit.
£ 0.00
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Please read these terms and conditions carefully

1. Our contract
The following booking conditions form the
basis of your contract with us,
Travel2Palestine Ltd. Please read it
carefully as they set out your rights and
our requirements from you. When you
confirm your booking you are agreeing
that you’ve read these booking conditions
and agree to them. It is your responsibility
to do so.
A binding contract between us comes into
existence when we send confirmation to
you or you the party leader, for others in
your party. (Please note, our confirmation
is not the same as receipt of deposit, but a
confirmation of booking and the visit).
We both agree that English law will apply
to your contract and to any dispute, claim
or other matter of any description which
arises between us. We both also agree
that any Court proceedings must be dealt
with by the Courts of England and Wales
2. Understanding
These booking conditions only apply to
tour arrangements which you book with
us in the UK and which we agree to make,
provide or perform (as applicable) as part
of our contract with you. All references in
these booking conditions to “booking”,
“contract”, “tour” “visit” or
“arrangements” mean such tour
arrangements unless otherwise stated.
In these booking conditions, “you” and
“your” means all persons named on the
booking form (including anyone who is
added or substituted at a later date) or
any of them as the context requires.
“We”, “us” and “our” mean
Travel2Palestine Ltd.
3. Booking arrangements
All booking forms must be filled in by the
first named person on the booking, who
will be your “party leader”.
The party leader must be authorised to
make the booking accepting the booking
conditions for all persons named on the
booking and by their parent or guardian
for all party members who are under 18
when the booking is made. By signing the
booking form, the party leader confirms
that he/she is so authorised and has read
and agreed to the booking conditions. The
party leader is responsible for making all
payments due to us. The party leader
must be at least 18 when the booking is
made. We are not responsible for any
liability if you do not notify us of any
All participants (or their parents or carers,
if under 18) are required to fill in the
partipants form in advance of the visit.
4. Booking fees and deposits
You are required to pay a non-refundable
deposit of £50 per person per trip for your
booking to be confirmed. When your visit
is less than 40 days ahead a further £150
payment is required. If your booking is
made within 30 days of the departure
date then the full amount is payable at
the time of booking. Full payment is
required at 30 days of the departure date
or when the booking is made, if within 30
days of the visit.
If this balance is not paid on or before the
due date we reserve the right to treat
your booking as cancelled.
5. Cancellation by you
If you cancel your booking cancellation
fees will apply. A cancellation will only be
effective when we receive written
confirmation of the cancellation. If you
Terms and conditions for Travel2Palestine Ltd Tours
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cancel a visit:
• 40 days or more prior to departure, we
will retain the deposit;
• 30 days prior to departure, we will
retain 50% of the total booking cost;
• 10 days or less prior to departure, we
will retain 100% paid by you in connection
with the booking.
If you leave a visit for any reason after it
has commenced we will not refund for
unused services. If you fail to join a tour,
join it after departure, or leave it prior to
its completion, no refund will be made.
Your arrangements with the airline and
any travel to the airport, or other
arrangements made, will be for you to
sort out
6. Cancellation by us
In order for us to confirm your travel
arrangements you must provide all
requested details with the balance of the
visit price. We require you to fully
complete our participation form in
advance, which includes passport and
personal information Failure to provide
requested details may result in additional
charges or non-refundable cancellation of
your tour.
Our visits are guaranteed to depart once
we have confirmed this with you , except
in exceptional circumstances. We may
cancel a visit at any time prior to
departure if natural disaster, terrorism,
political instability, or other external
events mean it is not viable for us to
continue as planned. If we cancel your
visit you can switch to an alternative
departure date or receive a full refund. In
circumstances where the cancellation is
due to external events outside our
reasonable control refunds we will retain
any unrecoverable costs.
Please note, we are not responsible for
any incidental expenses that you may
have incurred as a result of your booking
including but not limited to flights, visas,
vaccinations and/or travel insurance
7. Alterations to your booking
If you wish to transfer from one visit to
another or transfer your booking to a
third party you must notify us at least 30
days prior to the proposed departure
date. A fee of £50 per person per change
may be charged for administration. If you
notify us less than 30 days prior to the
proposed departure date the refund
policy applicable to cancellations will
apply. Transfers to a third party are only
permitted where the replacement
participant meets all the requirements in
relation to the visit.
Amendments to any other arrangements
made in conjunction with your visit must
be pre-agreed with the organisers and
may incur an additional fee if required for
8. Changes in itinerary
While we endeavour to operate all visits
as described we reserve the right to
change the itinerary.
Before departure: If we make changes to
the itinerary we will inform you as soon as
reasonably possible if there is time before
After departure: We reserve the right to
change an itinerary after departure due to
local circumstances or events outside of
our control. This would be due to
unexpected unavailability of items on the
itinerary or due to safety reasons.
Terms and conditions for Travel2Palestine Ltd Tours
Page 3 of 7 pages
Travel to an area of military occupation
and political difficulties requires
considerable flexibility and you should
allow for alternatives. The itinerary
provided for each visit is representative of
the kind of visit we plan, but schedules
and itineraries and transport may be
subject to alteration without prior notice
due to local circumstances or events.
9. Foreign office guidance
We generally follow foreign office advice,
and this may mean changes to our
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office
publishes regularly updated travel
information on its website
We recommend you check FCO advice
before booking and again in good time
before departure. Where it considers it
appropriate to do so, the FCO may advise
against all travel or all but essential travel
to particular areas or even countries.
Similarly, the FCO may withdraw previous
Where the FCO issues such advice, we
would usually alter the tour to avoid the
areas concerned. Alternatively, we may
ask you to sign a form confirming you
wish to proceed with the tour
notwithstanding the FCO advice. It is in
the nature of the itineraries we offer that
the FCO may have issued such advice in
areas we are intending to visit prior to
confirmation of your booking. In this case,
you will be asked to sign the above form
before we confirm your booking. In such
cases, you will need to ensure your travel
insurance covers areas the FCO
recommends not travelling to.
10. Insurance
Travel2Palestine Ltd will not accept any
liability for personal injury, death, loss or
damage suffered by participants. Is in
mandatory that you take out travel
insurance to cover you in the event of ill
health, accident, death, with a
recommended minimum coverage of
£150,000 for each of the categories of
cover. We also recommend cover for
other aspects such as, but not limited to,
flight or travel cancellations or delays, lost
luggage or valuables.
You should provide your travel insurance
policy number and the insurance
company's 24 hour emergency contact
number in advance of your visit. If you
have travel insurance connected to your
credit card or bank account please ensure
you have details of the participating
insurer, the insurance policy number and
emergency contact number with you, and
that you’ve checked that it covers to the
occupied Palestinian territory.
11. Safety standards
Please note, it is the requirements and
standards of the country in which the
services which make up your tour are
provided which apply to those services
and not those of the UK. For the countries
to which we travel, these requirements
and standards may be likely to be lower
than those applicable in the UK. In
particular, standards of health and safety
and hygiene are likely to be significantly
below those which can be expected in the
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