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Extracts from July 2017 House of Commons debate on Israel-Palestine

Minister drops recognition pledge Dr Matthew Offord (Hendon) (Con): Does the Minister agree that any recognition of a Palestinian state before direct peace talks between the two states, Israel and Palestine, would not only be counterproductive but would damage a long-term two-state solution? Alistair Burt: It is not the UK Government’s intention to recognise a […]
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How did a dog lead us to the 100 Club?

Elizabeth Dudley was walking to work one morning when a bull terrier bit her leg. She had to be taken to hospital and have stitches. She rejected the doctor’s advice to rest for a week because she was coming on a Labour2Palestine delegation to the West Bank two days later and was determined not to […]
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100 Club gig – buy your tickets enter our competition!

Don’t miss our gig with Reem Kelani, Bruno Heinen 4tet and RAAST! Tickets £10 and you can buy your tickets online> For your chance to win two tickets to the Reem Kelani gig at the 100 Club like Labour2Palestine on facebook and/or follow us on twitter. Competition rules:  Entries – in the form of twitter […]
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Whom to vote for in the NEC/NPF elections?

Members of Labour’s NEC and its National Policy Forum can take vital decisions on Labour’s policies on Palestine.  If you want to avoid voting for anyone who doesn’t share your views on Palestine, you can consult the following table.  We asked all the candidates three key questions: [A] Do you support an independent and viable […]
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Muna and Hassan (Jerusalem series)

Hassan used to work at the Mount of Olives Intercontinental Hotel.  Bus 40 took him to the centre of Jerusalem in half an hour.  Then the Israelis built the wall. The journey became impossible. A massive detour. A long wait at a checkpoint. And you needed a permit. So he gave up his job and […]
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Leila and Raed (Jerusalem series)

Leila and Raed have been married for 16 years now, but they have not been able to live together for more than a year because of all the obstacles Israel puts in the way of so-called ‘mixed marriages’ between Jerusalemites and West Bankers. Leila was born in Jerusalem and Raed in a village near Bethlehem, […]
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The itinerary was full, interesting, safe and very informative; it included meetings, seminars, visits to key areas and much more. There was ample opportunity to visit the holy sites and enjoy the splendid hospitality of the Palestinian people. In many ways it was one of the most memorable weeks of my life Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar