Encounter Palestine Tour

We offer two tours. The first, featured here, explores the West Bank, where you will see the wall and checkpoints, meet with Palestinian and Israeli politicians, discuss the realities with Palestinians whose lives are blighted by occupation, and learn about the impact of Israeli settlements.

Our programme for tours

We stay in Bethlehem, a wonderful historic town with a good choice of street food and restaurants. Other highlights include the museums and Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel. We enjoy a packed itinerary, including expert briefings, seeing the Israeli Wall, checkpoints, and visiting communities struggling under the pressure of occupation. We visit many of the important Palestinian cities: East Jerusalem, Nablus, Jericho and Hebron are all places we’ve visited as part of our tours.

Day 1: arrival and welcome

Flight to Tel Aviv, transfer to hotel
Welcome dinner in Bethlehem

Day 2: Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Walk through a checkpoint
Guided tour of Jerusalem’s Old City on foot
Expert briefing on Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza
Walk through West Jerusalem
See the Israeli Wall in Bethlehem
Relax at Banksy’s ‘Walled-Off’ Hotel

Day 3: Exploring Hebron

Guided tour of Church of the Nativity
Explore Hebron’s Old City with Palestinian guide
Briefing from former Israeli soldiers
Visit Abraham’s tomb

Day 4: Palestinian refugees and village at risk

Briefing on Palestinian children in Israeli prisons
Visit a refugee camp and Palestinian school
Explore Yasser Arafat museum and bunker
Meet Palestinians in village at risk
Dinner with Palestinian activists and politicians

Day 5: Tour of settlements and farewell

Tour of settlements around Jerusalem by bus
Farewell lunch
Wrap-up briefing and return flight

Update on travel arrangements

Here is the advice from both the UK :

UK Travel advice: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/israel

Dates of our forthcoming tours of Palestine

Departure dateTour Days Pricecheck availability
30 October 2022Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
28 May 2023Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
28 May 2023Encounter Palestine5£690+More details
27 August 2023Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
29 October 2023Encounter Palestine5£690+CANCELLED

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