Jerusalem & West Bank tours starting up again!

We’re back.  Travel2Palestine are back in action.  We’re taking the first group of the post-Covid era back to Jerusalem at the end of May for a five-day tour of the West Bank.  There will be more visits at the end of August and the end of October, plus a tour of the Palestinian cities of Israel in November.If you haven’t been before, come on one of our groups.If you’ve been before, come again!Or recommend it to your friends and colleagues. There’s so much to learn, so many amazing people to meet. It’s the trip of a lifetime that you’ll never forget.In the pre-Covid era we took 47 groups to Palestine. We’re now starting the post-Covid area with Group 48 heading off at the end of May. We intend to keep taking groups – with your help and support – for as long as the occupation, the evictions and the demolitions are allowed to continue.

Life is not getting better for the Palestinians. It is getting harder.  A new Israeli government is carrying on with the same blatant disregard for international law as its predecessor – expanding settlements, expropriating land and resources, suppressing protests with brutally excessive force, discriminating by law – both in the West Bank and in Israel – against Palestinians.

On Travel2Palestine’s Encounter tours you see all this at first hand. You go through checkpoints, you visit settlements and refugee camps, you talk to villagers who suffer at the hands of soldiers and settlers, you visit Hebron, Bethlehem, Ramallah, East Jerusalem and much more.

On our tour of Palestinian cities of Israel we visit Nazareth, Haifa. Jaffa and the Naqab (Negev) desert to speak to Palestinian citizens of Israel who constitute a fifth of Israel’s population. 

Dates of our tours 


Departure date
29 May 2022    Jerusalem & West Bank  5 days £690+
28 August 2022   Jerusalem & West Bank  5 days £690+ 
30 October 2022   Jerusalem & West Bank  5 days £690+

Departure date 
6 November 2022  Nazareth Haifa Jaffa Negev 5 days £720+

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