Magic Music Mix for Palestine 🎶

In addition to organising trips for individuals, Travel2Palestine also organises bespoke tours for organisations to the West Bank. These have included trade unionists, political groups, MPs, several groups of Labour members, Liberal Democrats, groups from Wales, Newcastle, Kennington, Bristol and other friendship associations. One of the most active has been Sheffield Labour Friends of Palestine.The Sheffield group has formed a friendship group with the City of Nablus and is very active in supporting them. We are therefore very proud to support their event this Saturday, and hope that you will join them

Link for the event

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Magic Music Mix for Palestine
Saturday 20 March, 1800
Link for the event:
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They are raising funds for a Seeds Association for Development & Culture project. This is a Youth House in the Jordan Valley, West Bank. This will help establish Palestinian ‘facts on the ground’ in order to help preserve Palestinian life in the areas most under threat from Israel’s settlement expansion and creeping annexation.

Kennington-Bethlehem links

We’ve also just got a report that another group we’ve worked with, Kennington-Bethlehem Link who are holding a REAL LIFE event on 17 April! If you live near to Kennington, London, do go along and support.

Further details will be posted on their website.

Here is their report from Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem“Since our last event, a fundraiser for the Aida Refugee Camp, we have received a report on how the money we raised is being used – to respond to COVID 19 among the community in the camp. It makes for sad reading but it is good to know that our efforts are contributing to the wellbeing of that community.” You can read the report here :

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