Palestinian citizens of Israel Tour

Many of those who travel with us having a burning desire to return to Palestine and Israel. It is a beautiful place, the people are among the warmest in the world, and the situation is so dire as to call for close examination.

We’ve designed this special small group visit to discover Palestinian life in Israel, and learn about the occupied Golan. All of who tried out this tour with us said they would recommend the visit to you!

Day 1 – arrival and welcome!

Flight to Tel Aviv, transfer to hotels

Welcome dinner in Nazareth

Day 2 – Nazareth and its surroundings

Tour of Nazareth
Lunch at Liwan cultural centre and café
Continue tour of Upper Nazareth and see destroyed village of Saffuriy
Dinner in Nazareth

Day 3 – The Galillee and Haifa

Visit Kfar Kanna (Cana)
Visit the Sindyanna of Galilee Visitors Centre (Jewish and Arab women’s cooperative)
Briefing with Adalah (meaning ‘justice’ in Arabic)
Bahai gardens
Political walking tour of Haifa

Day 4 – the Golan Heights

Travel to occupied Golan Heights
Meet Arab Human rights centre in Golan Heights
Visit to residents’ homes
See an Israeli Forces base

Day 5 – Jaffa and the airport

Political and historical walking tour of Jaffa
Transfer to airport for those flying home

“A huge learning experience”

Graham D
Visiting the destroyed village of Suffuriya

An Opportunity Of A Life Time

Berit M
Haneen Zoabi, Member of Israeli Parliament
Our group meeting Israeli lawmaker, Haneen Zoabi MK

Update on travel arrangements

You still cannot travel to Israel as individuals or organise your own visit. You have to travel with an Israeli tour company and you all have to catch the same flight out and the same flight back at the end of the tour. There can’t be any ‘off-tour’ additional days.

Unfortunately this has meant we have had to postpone our tours due to start on Sunday October 31st 2021 and Sunday November 7th 2021.

We are working on arrangements to make this possible for our groups next year. However, we hope – in any case – these restrictions will soon be lifted and independent travel will be possible to Israel and Palestine again soon.

We have tours scheduled on Sunday 30th January and Sunday 29th of May and very much hope and expect they can continue as scheduled.

We will contact everyone on our mailing list as soon as restrictions are lifted – or alternatively we are able to put on a tour with an Israel-registered tour operator.

We appreciate that people need time to make arrangements and book time off and we will offer a choice of dates as soon as we are able to do so. We will return deposits if people are unable to find a suitable date.

Here is the advice from both the UK and Israel.

UK Travel advice: “The FCDO advises against all travel to Gaza and all but essential travel to the remainder of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (beyond East Jerusalem) based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks.”

Israeli travel restrictions: “As of September 19, 2021… tourists can now visit Israel as long as they are traveling in a group of 5 or more people, arriving and departing together, and are fully vaccinated….

Currently, tourists cannot enter Israel as individuals, unless they are coming to visit a first degree relative or have other special permission…

The re-opening of Israel for individual tourists not traveling in a group is currently not scheduled.”

Departure dateVisit name Days Price Book now
6 November 2022Palestinian citizens of Israel tour5From £720Check

“Well organised, safe, great companionship”

Joanna W

Welcome to our website - update on travel

We are now resuming travel to Palestine and Israel, with our first tour scheduled to take part in May. If you wish to hear about our planned trips, receive invites to our online events, or hear about the latest developments, then please sign up.

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