What people say

Intense, inspiring, informative, moving, shocking.
Julie, November 2017

New Tour
Palestinian citizens of Israel tour

In June 2018 we curated a new visit to Israel and the occupied Golan. We intend to repeat this in Spring and Autumn 2019.

Everyone from this visit who responded to our survey said they are extremely likely to recommend this visit to others. So better get ready!

Haneen Zoabi, Member of Israeli Parliament
Our group meeting Israeli lawmaker, Haneen Zoabi MK

A life-changing tour, shows you the side of Israel that few see.
Highly recommended. Monash, June 2018

women with Chaska
One of our women’s groups being briefed by the Israeli Committee Against House Demolition (ICAHD)

Extremely useful insight into the ongoing inequalities between people of different communities. A really easy way to immerse yourself in a complex issue and see impact of segregation for yourself.
Fiona, June 2018

A huge learning experience
Graham, June 2018

Did you know?
We survey EVERYONE who visits with us …..
In 2018 EVERYONE who responded to our surveys said they would definitely recommend our visits

Our West Bank and East Jerusalem tours

Most of our delegations have focused on East Jerusalem and the West Bank, now recognised by most countries around the world as the State of Palestine.

I think Labour2Palestine is the perfect way for Labour Party members to make a visit, as the trips are well planned out, include a broad selection of meetings, visits and briefings and you are supported by a team of great people with experience and knowledge. Cat Smith MP

Cat Smith and others in Palestinian village, Bi'lin
Cat Smith and others in Palestinian village, Bi’lin

When you see and experience the environment that Palestinians have to live in you will not see the world in the same way again. The visit exceeded all my expectations.
Sheila, January 2018

Ruth with group
Ruth briefing our group

Visiting both Palestinian villages and Israeli settlements gave me a much deeper understanding of what’s happening in the West Bank, both in terms of the issues and the impact on people’s lives.

Paul Blomfield MP, 2017

Watch to find out what delegates from one of Labour2Palestine groups say:

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