Richard Green Bursary Fund

Richard Green travelled with Travel2Palestine in 2013. The visit had a huge impact on him, and he had a huge impact on us! He believed that the best way to effect change was through educating, training and broadening the horizons of everyone involved in the political process, both in Palestine and here in the UK. So we are really pleased to have worked with his family and friends to set up a fund in Richard’s name. This fund will enable young people involved in Labour politics to learn first hand about the situation, providing a lasting living legacy to our much missed friend and colleague.

We have already taken two young people to travel with us, and have a brief pause for COVID. However, now we are back ready to travel again, and we hope you will travel with us.

Richard Green receiving a plate in Palestine
Richard receiving a plate in Hebron, Palestine

Richard’s family have chosen to support Travel2Palestine as one way of remembering Richard, as this was a group he had loads of enthusiasm for.

Through Travel2Palestine, Richard’s family and friends are going to part-fund one politically active young person annually for an educational trip to Palestine.

Also, we at Travel2Palestine also plan to support the family in setting up Southampton based political education sessions in the future.

Apply for a place

Apply for a place to visit the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem with the Richard Green Fund. Applications are currently open!

Donate to the fund

You can make donations to Richard’s fund using our GoFundMe campaign. 

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