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We are a not-for-profit company, focused entirely on increasing political knowledge and understanding about the situation in Palestine and Israel. In our view, this is a political issue and peace will only be attained when politicians resolve to take the needed steps.

Our relationship with you does not – we hope – end when you return from your visit.  We organise a report-back meeting for people on your visit and create a presentation about the visit. We like to stay in touch by sending you updates about the situation in Palestine and arranging briefings and occasional social events for people who have been on the visit. We hope you will remain engaged and we can provide an “after-sales service” to support you in any activities related to the visit – eg talks to local organisations about the visit, writing to your MP or to newspapers, lobbying political parties and other organisations.

We rely on donations so that we have the support we need to run our operations to organise visits. It can’t be done for free!

If you would like to support Travel2Palestine you can do so in a number of ways.

You can make payments/donations to Travel2Palestine in three ways:

By transfer: Sortcode 40-02-16 Account 0187 9065

By card or paypal

By cheque: Travel2Palestine Ltd, 160 London Road, Kingston, KT2 6QW

In honour of Richard Green, who travelled with us, we also have a special fund to enable young people to travel to see for themselves. Find out more

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