Sha’ath Scholarship

Raed with Jeremy Corbyn MP

The Sha’ath Scholarship

When we visit Palestine we experience the amazing welcome of the Palestinian people.

We want to make sure that we get a chance to host and welcome Palestinians too. More than that, we want to share our political experiences with them, just as they share their experiences with us.

As part of this, we have created the ‘Sha’ath scholarship’. The scheme is named after Dr Nabil Sha’ath, the former Foreign Minister of Palestine, who suggested that rather than having a group of Palestinians as visitors for a few days, there would be more benefit from one Palestinian visiting for a long period.

The last Sha’ath scholar came for three months and worked in an MP’s office, learning about Parliamentary and constituency issues.

In his  free time he was able to visit and learn about how parties work at branch, constituency, regional and national level. In the evenings and weekends  he took part in local and national by-election campaigning and spoke to 25 meetings  about Palestine.

How the placements works

The Sha’ath scholar will come to the United Kingdom for a period of three months to gain experience of British politics and to gain fluency in the English language.

How you can meet them
They are available to give presentations about Palestine to any audience, but especially to colleagues in their sister Party, Labour.

Raed with Rochdale Labour Party
Raed with Rochdale Labour Party

What they get from the visit
They also gain experience in the office of an MP, learning about Parliamentary business and constituency issues.

In their free time they will hopefully gain experience in elections and by-elections. They will work in the office of Labour2Palestine and Palestine Briefing for an initial period of at least two weeks to ensure they’ve settled in.

What you can do to support the visit
Labour2Palestine supports these visits and would welcome support from delegates old and new to help fund future Sha’ath scholars .

Labour2 Palestine will encourage former members of delegations to invite, accompany, help and entertain the scholar over evenings and weekends when the need or the opportunity arises and will seek invitations for the scholar to attend or address meetings.

Donations to the Sha’ath Scholarship are warmly welcomed. Probably the easiest way to donate is via paypal.

Our last Sha’ath scholarship was in 2014, so we are keen to host another as soon as possible. But we need the funds to do so.

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Raed with Fateh UK
Raed with Fateh UK


The following Sha’ath Scholar will be a woman candidate. If you would like to support her scholarship please donate.

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