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If you want to know the truth about what is happening in Israel and the occupied territories, go on this trip. I learned everything I thought I wanted to know, and then some. I will never forget the things I saw, and the people was privileged to meet.

Andy, 2019

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A picture of the fields where a demolished village lay, with a book in front with a picture of the village as it looked in 1931
Saffuriya, 1931
Departure dateTour Days Pricecheck availability
31 October 2021Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
7 November 2021Palestinian citizens of Israel 5£720+More details
30 January 2022Encounter Palestine5£690+More details
29 May 2022Encounter Palestine5£690+More details
28 August 2022Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
30 October 2022Encounter Palestine 5£690+More details
6 November 2022 Palestinian citizens of Israel5£720+More details


Travel to Palestine and Israel has - like elsewhere - paused for the time-being. In the meantime, we are hosting virtual events with our partners in Palestine and Israel. If you want to be the first to hear the news when we resume our tours, receive invites to our online events, or hear about the latest developments, then please sign up.

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