Join us on our next visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank

Next delegation: October 23rd–28th

Our next delegation to Palestine is planned for Monday October 23rd 2017 to Saturday October 28th.

It’s in the Autumn school half-term so teachers can join us on this visit, but of course it’s open to everyone.

The visit will include:

A refugee camp and UN-run school inside the camp, speaking directly to the head about education in Palestine.

A guided tour of East Jerusalem with ICAHD (Israeli Coalition Against House Demolitions) including house demolition sites, settlements, roadblocks and the Old City.

Meetings with both Israeli and Palestinian politicians and youth wing activists at a Centre for Dialogue.

Experience going through a checkpoint on foot. Visit the wall and the ‘Walled-off’ Hotel.
Hear briefings from the UN and lawyers who defend children arrested by the Israeli army.

Take in Bethlehem (including the Church of Nativity), Hebron, Ramallah and Jerusalem.

What does it cost? 

Only £690 for a six-day visit with reductions for students and for sharing rooms. Flights are not included but they are normally low at this time of year.

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